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DEUTSCHLAND DISASTER: Germany Officially Hits One Million Muslim Asylum Applications

ByPamela Geller


One million Muslim migrants — mostly male, fit and military age. Merkel madness, and for this, TIME Magazine names her “Person of the Year” today.

Next year it will be 2 million. She has single-handedly done as much destruction to her country as Hitler did, albeit differently. Germany (and by extension the EU) traded six million Jews for 25 million Muslims. Karma’s a bitch.

“Germany Officially Hits One Million Asylum Applications,” by Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart, December 9, 2015
Germany has officially received one million asylum seekers in 2015. The figure has exceeded all official expectations, but may in fact be an underestimate as it takes time to register newcomers in the country’s ‘EASY’ computer system.

“From January until today, a million asylum seekers have registered at the initial reception centres of the federal states through the so-called EASY-System and were then accommodated,” said Emilia Müller, the minister of social affairs in the German state of Bavaria said in a statement.

Spelling out what that meant for her home state of Bavaria, she continued: “One million EASY-registrations mean around 153,000 asylum seekers for Bavaria. That’s 153,000 asylum seekers attending our receptions and for whom we must provide medical examinations, care and accommodation. That’s more people than live, for example, in Heidelberg.”

However, experts are in disagreement over whether the figures are accurate. According to The Local, some are suggesting that the figures may be higher as it takes time for new arrivals to register at the asylum centres. Others are suggesting that migrants may register multiple times, inflating the figures.

However, all are in agreement that the number


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