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Donald Trump’s Comments To Bar Muslims Brought Every Hypocrite Democrat And Republican Out On The Open



Bipartisanship is breaking out in apocalyptic birth-pangs in Washington over Donald Trump’s latest comments on banning Muslims entry to the U.S. bringing out every hypocrite (both Democrats and Republicans) together in condemnation of his plans.

These forget a trillion dollar challenge: can any of these hypocrites give a substantive difference between Trump’s “no muslims are to enter the U.S. until we figure out what’s going on” from the “no Syrian refugees should enter until we figure out what’s going on”?

When the anti-Syrian immigration (in reality it was anti-Muslim-immigration from Syria) bill passed, 289 to 137, did these 289 hypocrites condemn themselves for being anti-Muslim?

Then you have another hypocrite, John Kasich slammed Trump’s “outrageous divisiveness,” while Ted Cruz finally showed his true colors said, “Well, that is not my policy.”

It wasn’t his policy when he was against Syrian Muslims entering until “we figure out whats going on”? Was he not for stopping the Syrian immigrants?

Even the so-called Jesus loving Southern Baptists denounced Trump’s comment.

All these so-called “Jesus loving” hypocrites knew that the reason they did not want Syrian refugees was because they were “Muslim refugees”, yet they quickly denounced Trump to kiss up to Islam.

Can any soul on earth honestly deny or refute what I am writing here? Please step forward, hypocrites.

Trump was simply reiterating the truth of what they all felt and believed but were too chicken to say it.

Even Dick Chaney: “I think this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more Muslims, just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in,” he told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. “I mean, religious freedom has been a very important part of our history and where we came from. A lot of people, my ancestors got here, because they were Puritans.”

The Puritans never allowed religious freedom.

These Puritans were no different than Muslims in their violence and sanguine fanaticism. They took the king, Charles I, and sentenced him to be beheaded. Before he was decapitated, this king spoke the words of a martyr. “I go,” he said, “from a corruptible to an incorruptible crown, where no disturbance can have place.” The savage heretic snapped his head off, and then lifted his head up high before the wicked mob, and said with demonic fury:

This is the head of a traitor!

The very House that voted overwhelmingly to drastically tighten screening procedures on refugees from Syria, seizing on the creeping fear stemming from the Paris attacks and threatening to undermine President Obama’s Middle East policy were the same peoplewho denounced Donald Trump for his remarks which were simply saying that Muslim immigrants were the problem.

He simply told the truth of what all these hypocrites were saying. They simply called them “Syrian refugees” while Trump called them “Muslim refugees”.

Then you have the top hypocrite, House Speaker Paul Ryan joined a chorus of Republican lawmakers and governors seeking to slow or stop the acceptance of Syrian refugees into the United States.

“This is a moment where it is better to be safe than to be sorry, so we think the prudent, the responsible thing is to take a pause in this


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