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PUTIN WAS RIGHT AGAIN: US Official Confirms ISIS Oil Crossing Into Turkey


Over the weekend, Amos Hochstein, a member of the US State Department, confirmed ISIS oil is being smuggled out of Iraq and Syria through Turkey to be sold illegally.


WASHINGTON — On December 4th Amos Hochstein, the United States special envoy and coordinator for the State Department‘s Bureau of Energy Resources, confirmed some of the suspicions that have arisen in regards to how and where the oil for sale by The Islamic State (IS) is going.

In a statement made to the French news organization, Agence France-Presse, Hochstein confirmed ISIS oil is in fact crossing the Turkish border as if it were already a known fact.

He then proceeded to tout the success of US bombing operations, attributing their effectiveness to the decreased oil output from captured Iraqi and Syrian oil fields.

Hochstein claims “oil being smuggled is extremely low and has decreased over time and is of no significance from a volume perspective — both volume of oil and volume of revenue.”

General Wesley Clark: ISIS Serves Interests of US Allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia

“Someone’s buying that oil that ISIS is selling.”

The State Department apparently considers low oil sales to (by their own estimate) be anywhere between 1 and 1.5 million dollars a day. Some news agencies place the estimate as high as 2 million, while Russian media claims it may even exceed 8 million.

These funds may appear small in the larger picture of international oil sales (although we can assume the US government estimate is intentionally low), but for a terror organization to be recipients of that kind of revenue is unprecedented.

When we take into account the operating costs of past “terror threats” the picture changes. Even Al Qaeda (by US intelligence estimates) had a peak operating budget of $30 million annually leading up to the attacks on September 11th 2001.

The confirmation comes amid accusations by Russia that Turkey is a primary consumer of the black market oil.

The dead journalist that exposed Turkey was a US citizen. Wondering why the media refuses to cover her story? So are we.

Turkey’s alleged collusion has yet to be proven to the full extent Russia claims.  Yet after the accusations were made, a Russian bomber was shot down by Turkish fighter jets over an alleged airspace violation, proof of increasing tension between the fair weather friends.

Vladimir Putin issued a statement after the incident declaring he would make sure Turkey “will regret” their aggression and announced


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