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Regenerate The Cartilage In Your Knees With The Help of Nature

Regular nutrition is a key for the prevention of almost all the problems with our joints, but it is also important for the regeneration of cartilage in the knees, hips and spine.

Maintaining the optimal body weight with well-balanced ingredients, as well as avoiding the great physical stress throughout the day is proved to decrease the risks of excessive wear-out and potential damage of the cartilage.



The cartilage is a type of connecting tissue which enters the composition of many structures in the human body. It’s in the chest, nose, bronchi, ears and it also encloses the curves of the spinal whorls, elbows, knees and hips. It’s less elastic than muscles but it isn’t as tough as bones.

Its basic function is to enable movement of the joints preventing the bones to rub from one another, because then damage appears.

It’s especially important to preserve it from injuries especially when it comes to the knee cartilage. Since it’s the biggest joint in the human body, it’s necessary to be careful that the meniscus or cartilage is healthy from the inside and outside and also be smooth so that the knee is movable and functional.

Still, different factors can cause damage – aging of the organism and illnesses like for example osteoarthritis which mostly affects the shoulder joints, neck (it makes it difficult to move the head and causes dizziness), hips, knees, hand and feet joints.

The symptoms which point on a decreased quality of the structure of the cartilage or even its complete disappearance is pain during movement, as well as swelling and muscle tension. Besides degenerative changes, the cause for cartilage wear-out and damage can also be some other factors – mechanic injuries during a hit, excessive physical activity, carrying something heavy, as well as obesity.


Some recent researches have shown that the consumption of ingredients rich in the amino acid lysine is extremely helpful because it participates in the regeneration of collagen which is a composite part of our cartilage. Considering the fact that it isn’t being synthesized in our organism, it’s necessary to take it through food – the optimal quantity is 12 mg for each kilogram of our body mass.

This substance can be found in ingredients like pulse, cod, red meat, eggs, soy products, yoghurt, cheese, dry fruit, beans etc.

Besides for lysine, also a very important substance is chondroitin which participates in the prevention of our cartilage and is also very important for the natural regeneration of the cartilage in our knees, hips and all the other joints.

Chondroitin absorbs the water in the connecting tissue, which preserves the elasticity and flexibility of the cartilage. Besides, it can also block numerous enzymes which decompose it but also help to build a new one.

The optimal quantity of this substance is from 1.000 to 1.200 mg a day and it can be obtained from shark cartilage, as wel as pig and cow cartilage. Besides, chondroitin is often combined with glucosamine which stimulates better flexibility and movability of the joints and is also very important for the natural renewal of the cartilage. It can be obtained from chitin which is a composite part of shell of sea crabs, crustaceans, lobsters etc.


Food based on ingredients rich in vitamins is very significant for the regular formation and renewal of the knee cartilage. The greatest part of it becomes bone in time so


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