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Syrian Rebels Parody ISIS Execution Video But There’s a Twist


A Syrian rebel group released a video of what appears to be the executions of more than a dozen members of ISIS, but this one had a strange twist at the end: the ISIS militants weren’t executed.

The footage, titled “Muslims Are Not Criminals,” was uploaded this week by the Sham Front, according to Vocativ. The footage shows 10 men clad in orange jumpsuits, the same kind that ISIS is using in its videos.

The rebels then have the men kneel and the rebels point pistols at the ISIS fighters’ heads but they don’t pull the trigger.

Instead, they take off their masks and holster their weapons and a Muslim preacher comes in and speaks.

“We are not sympathizers of killing, slaughtering and terror,” the preacher then says in the video. “Our religion is justice and Islam is the crown on top of our heads. Good deeds are our principle.”


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