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Trump Is Attacked For Proposed Muslim Ban, But A Democratic President Actually Banned Entry From Muslim Nation


While progressive outlets are exploding with outrage and assertions of Republican xenophobia are rampant after Donald Trump’s proposal that Muslim immigrants should temporarily not be allowed into the country,Daniel Greenfield of FrontpageMag has reminded people of an uncomfortable historical fact.

Jimmy Carter froze immigration from the Muslim-majority nation of Iran after the 1979 hostage crisis.

Immediately after the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was overrun in 1979, Carter issued an executive order that all Iranian students in the U.S. had to report to immigration officials within thirty days. Out of a population of over 50,000, there were 15,000 Iranians who were ejected from the country.

An Appeals Court decision upheld the President’s authority for the action, in part saying this:

“The present controversy involving Iranian students in the United States lies in the field of our country’s foreign affairs and implicates matters over which the president has direct constitutional authority.”

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