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US Attack Russian Spies Who Uncover Secret ISIS Base In Tennessee


The US military have conducted an airstrike in the Levant War Zone in a compound that houses elite Russian Special Forces who had discovered a secret CIA project that funnels top ISIS leaders from the Middle East to Tennessee, USA.

Four US warplanes launched nine missiles at the base on Sunday evening, killing three and injuring thirteen. Russia say the attacks from the Obama regime were over fears that Federation forces had uncovered a top secret plot that involved the CIA smuggling ISIS leaders to a “commune/training” compound in the heart of America named “Islamville”. reports:

Aside from the Obama regime directly targeting these elite Russian Spetsnaz forces in Syria yesterday, this report astoundingly notes, the uncovering of this secretive Islamic military base in the heartland of America is not the only one active in the United States either as there are at least 22 others like them throughout the United States that have been documented.

Even worse, this report warns, not only are these “known” Islamic military training bases in America a threat to that nation, but also the over 2,200 Islamic mosques located their too—especially when viewed in the light that property records show that over 75% of them are a part of the “Muslim Brotherhood network” since they are owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)—which is the bank for the Muslim Brotherhood in


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