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BREAKING: Disturbing Order Obama Gave Right After Calif. Shooting Revealed…Many Are Outraged

Sources have revealed that in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks last week, the Obama administration instructed intelligence officials to “downplay” any connection between the shootings and terrorism.


SOFREP reported that agents within the FBI said the agency was convinced that the San Bernardino attacks were terrorism from the get-go. However, the administration had other ideas, and reality apparently wasn’t on the agenda.

The source claimed that Obama held a meeting in the Oval Office with his National Security Council and officials from the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the National Security Agency.

During the meeting, intelligence officials were specifically told to “downplay” the terrorism aspect of the attack — no matter what reality may have in store, apparently.

Obama himself tried to emphasize this angle, postulating that the attack was an act of workplace violence.

“It is possible that this is terrorist related, but we don’t know … It is also possible that this was workplace related,” Obama said at the time of the attack.


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