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MESSAGE TO IRAN: Israel test fires Arrow 3 missile as it successfully intercepts ‘enemy target’…IE IRAN’S SHIHAB MISSILE

The Defense Ministry’s Missile Defense Organization, which worked with the American Missile Defense Agency on the project, launched an Arrow-3 interceptor from a military installation in central Israel on Thursday morning, after the system’s radar and fire control station detected a target in space, which represented an incoming ballistic missile.

A Sparrow-type target fired from an Israeli fighter aircraft flying off the Mediterranean coast went into space, where it released two targets for Arrow-3’s radars to lock onto. Once outside the atmosphere, the Arrow-3 missile released a kill vehicle, which deployed its own sensor, and guided itself for a direct collision with the target. The kill vehicle depends on kinetic impact and high precision to destroy its target, and is the only Israeli missile defense system that does not carry explosive warheads.

“The Arrow-3 interceptor carried out all of the flight stages according to plan, and destroyed




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