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A Chanukkah miracle saves the life of a Jewish couple in yet another murder attempt by arab terrorists in Israel

Rachel and Shaul Nir were on their way home from visiting their daughter, who lost her husband in a terrorist attack 13 years ago, when they came under terrorist fire • Incident follows stabbing attack in Hebron, in which two Israelis were hurt.

Efrat Forsher, Yair Altman and Shlomi Diaz

As terrorist violence continues to wash over Israel, a couple was wounded while driving in north Samaria on Wednesday when terrorists opened fire on them from a passing vehicle. The attack resulted in a crash in which Shaul Nir was seriously hurt. His wife Rachel sustained minor gunshot wounds to the extremities.

The couple, residents of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City, were treated by emergency medical personnel at the scene and then transferred to separate hospitals for further treatment.

Shaul Nir, who is currently suffering from severe head injuries, was convicted of belonging to a Jewish terrorist organization known as the Jewish Underground in the 1980s. The group’s highest profile plot, which was never executed, was to blow up the Dome of the Rock.

Nir served six years in prison for murdering three Arabs. He was initially sentenced to life in prison, but his sentence was later commuted.

Security forces launched a manhunt in search of the shooters, who have yet to be apprehended. A vehicle was spotted fleeing from the scene of the attack toward the Palestinian city of Tulkarem‎. Overnight, security forces raided the city but did not locate the perpetrators.

An investigation of the scene of the attack revealed that one of the bullets fired at the couple hit a 10-shekel coin, and another bullet hit a water bottle that was in the car. It is possible that these objects prevented more extensive injuries.

The terrorist attack occurred at around 7:30 p.m. on an access road leading to the community of Avnei Hefetz. The couple had been leaving the community after having visited their daughter, Livnat Ozeri, who lives there with her children and grandchildren. Livnat lost her husband in a terrorist attack in Kiryat Arba 13 years ago.

At the time, two terrorists infiltrated the family home on Shabbat eve, murdered Nati Ozeri and wounded three others, including one of Livnat’s children.

Livnat, a mother of five, never remarried.

On Wednesday, terrorists targeted her family once again. “My mother and father came to my house to light Hanukkah candles and visit their grandchildren and great grandchildren. We ask everyone who can, please pray for their speedy recovery,” she said.

Avnei Hefetz residents have complained in the past that Palestinian vehicles were allowed onto Route 557 that runs adjacent to the community. “The Orot Junction was opened up about a year ago, and since then, despite repeated warnings by the residents and the military personnel in the area, it has not been closed [to Palestinian traffic],” the community spokesman said.

Earlier Wednesday, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed an Israeli army officer and a civilian in Hebron and was shot dead by security forces.

A statement from the Israel Defense Forces said the Palestinian attacked the victims during a “routine


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