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ALERT: Former FBI Official Issues Chilling Message For Those Who Live Near “Peaceful” Mosques


A former FBI counter-terrorism special agent named John Guandolo recently went public with a chilling warning for the American people regarding the various Islamic centers and mosques around the country, saying that most are part of a broad “jihadi network.”

During an interview with Breitbart, Guandolo revealed that virtually all of the recent attacks inside of America by radical Islamic jihadists had been supported by a local Islamic center or mosque.

He went on to declare that of the more than 2,200 Islamic centers and mosques in America, the “vast majority of them are a part of this network — they’re hostile.”

While of course most of the Muslim-Americans who attend these mosques and Islamic centers are truly moderate and peaceful, it is exceedingly difficult to differentiate the moderates from the radicals hiding in the midst of them.

Furthermore, he revealed that based upon investigations of property records, more than 75 percent of these Islamic centers and mosques were owned by the Muslim Brotherhood and their various affiliates, such as the North American Islamic Trust and the Islamic Society of North America, and of course the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Guandolo attempted to share his knowledge with other FBI agents and government officials, setting up a couple of training courses that were unfortunately shut down by the Obama administration.

In the course of his investigations, Guandolo also discovered via internal documents that “the purpose of this network is to wage civilization jihad… until the entire world, and specifically the United States, is under Shariah law and the Islamic State is established here.”

He went on to explain how the leaders of these Muslim


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