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AMERICA IS FINISHED: Foxboro High School Bans American Flag Picture From The Yearbook, Deeming It “Offensive”

By Brockton Turtleboy


Not again! The PC freaks who have infiltrated nationwide school systems by disguising themselves as human beings have reached yet another new low. Morgan Truax is a high school senior at Foxborough High School set to graduate this June.  She is extremely well-liked and known by her family, friends, and coworkers as an extremely hard worker. Her employer – the very popular Red Wing Diner (clam strips are so good) which lies in the shadow of Gillette Stadium – honored Miss Truax by purchasing a page in her yearbook to congratulate her for graduating this year and to show their gratitude for her loyalty as an employee for the last few years.

On the aforementioned page they have featured this beautiful picture of Morgan posing in front of the American flag. Oh but wait! The American flag?!?! In a high school yearbook?! Don’t they know that is unacceptable and racist in 2015?! Faculty members at Foxboro have refused to allow this picture to be published in the yearbook deeming it “offensive” and have since refused comment. WHAT HAS OUR COUNTRY BECOME?!?!?!


Naturally her mother was


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