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AN ISRAELI DISGRACE: First-Ever Case of Muslim IDF Reservist Joining ISIS in Syria


An Israeli Arab who previously served in the Israel Defense Forces has become the latest ISIS recruit from Israel, Israeli site Walla reported on Thursday.

The man — reported to be the first Israeli citizen to have served in the IDF and joined ISIS in Syria — was from an Arab village in northern Israel. According to his army identification card, he would have been released in January 2014, which makes him in his early 20s.

According to Walla, which based its article on Arab media reports, he probably flew from Israel to Turkey, and from there traversed the vast and rather porous border to Syria. His dog tag apparently traveled with him.

Israel, like other Western nations, has seen its citizens go to Syria to join the ranks of ISIS fighters attempting to install a new Islamic caliphate.

According to Walla, some 100-150 Israelis have either been stopped by the authorities en route to — or managed to reach — Syria to join ISIS, which has reportedly enlisted tens of thousands of mercenaries from more than 100 nations around the globe.

Earlier this week, five Nazareth men were indicted for organizing


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