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Biologists Pulled Something Disturbing Out Of This Turtle’s Nose That Saved Its Life

An unlucky turtle caught a break last month when a team of biologists saved it from certain death.

The team was researching turtles off the pacific coast of Costa Rica but got more than it bargained for when it brought a grown male olive ridley sea turtle on board.

If you look closely, you can see that the turtle had something lodged in its left nostril:


At first, the team thought it was a worm of some kind that had burrowed its way deep into the turtle’s skull and had possibly attached itself to the brain stem.

But after a few minutes, the team quickly discovered that it was something entirely different.

“We — just out of biological curiosity — started pulling on it to see what it was,” Christine Figgener, a graduate student at Texas A&M who is studying marine biology, told The Battalion, the Texas A&M student newspaper. “And what we noticed was that it was not some sort of animal but actually something that was made out of plastic.”

After nearly 10 minutes of careful tugging, one of the team members pulled out a 10- to 12-inch-long plastic drinking straw from the turtle’s bleeding nostril.


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