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FBI On HIGH ALERT Over What’s Stolen Just AFTER Muslims Bought 100 Cellphones…Western Governments On Edge


The FBI is investigation several instances of ‘foreign speaking’ Muslim men going to Walmart at all hours of the night and making bulk purchases of disposable cellphones. Not only are these phones preferred by terrorists but they also can be used as detonating devices for BOMBS.

Over 100 of these untraceable phones have been purchased from 4 Walmart stores in Missouri. The men paid cash. This raised the suspicions of concerned managers and the authorities were alerted.

But it gets worse. Now news has broken of a terrifying string of thefts across Kansas City which has people worried about possible terrorist attacks in the area.

Fox4KC reports that a large number of propane tanks have been stolen since the end of November.

18-20 full propane tanks were stolen from a locked cage at a BP gas station and on the same night a CVS store reported the exact same crime. Very suspicious.

Two weeks later, another CVS was hit by thieves. This time they stole 28 full propane tanks. The investigation is ongoing.

Cellphones, propane tanks and Muslims. Not a good mix. We all saw what these savages can do with pressure cookers in Boston. This could be disastrous.

Take a look at what a 20-LB propane tan looks like when it explodes and you’ll see why the authorities are taking this seriously, or at they



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