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Modern Chanukah Miracle: First Pure Olive Oil in 2000 Years


For the first time in 2000 years, pure olive oil and the required vessels have been produced in full conformity with the laws of the Torah.

On the seventh night of Chanukah 2014, an exceptional celebration and candle-lighting service was held in the Holy City of Jerusalem thanks to the production of the first pure olive oil – according to Torah standards – in 2000 years.

The Temple Institute, founded in 1987, is a non-profit educational and religious organization located in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. As explained on its website, “the major focus of the Institute is its efforts towards the beginning of the actual rebuilding of the Holy Temple. Towards this end, the Institute has begun to restore and construct the sacred vessels for the service of the Holy Temple.”

Most recently, the Institute produced pure olive oil and the required vessels according to the laws of the Torah.

This was “another historic step towards the resumption of the Divine service in the Holy Temple, with the unveiling and presentation of the first pure olive oil for the Temple Menorah to be produced in purity in 2000 years, and the special vessels to hold them, created in purity – an unprecedented step towards the resumption of Biblical purity in our time and a true Chanukah miracle,” according to the site.

What they may not realize is that “the Hasmoneans created this oil under very difficult conditions,” Rabb
Most people are familiar with the miracle of Chanukah, according to which a small amount of oil sufficient for only one day continued to burn for eight days, as well as the victory of a small group of Jewish fighters over the massive Greek army.


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