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MERKEL U-TURN: Panicking Germany vows to REDUCE muslim refugee numbers as crime soars…1.5 million have invaded so far

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has backtracked on her refugee policy after admitting the country needs to REDUCE the number of arrivals before her country becomes “overwhelmed”.

In a drastic U-turn Mrs Merkel said the time had come to “dramatically decrease” the number of migrants coming to Germany amid criticism from her party over her handling of the crisis.

But the floundering leader gave no indication as to HOW her country plans to reduce the number of migrants.

Refugees are desperate to make it to Germany after the Chancellor proudly said all refugees were welcome in the country.

But it has led hundreds of thousands pouring into Germany, with numbers expected to reach 1.5million this year alone.

The German leader’s change of heart narrowly avoided a party rebellion, with rebels demanding she close the borders or impose a limit on the number of migrants allowed into the country.

But Mrs Merkel fiercely defended her controversial policy in a defiant speech to her Christian Democrat party conference yesterday, claiming accepting migrants had been a “humanitarian imperative” at the height of the refugee crisis.

Europe has struggled to handle the number of refugees arriving on its shores

Multiculturalism creates parallel societies. Multiculturalism is a lie

Angela Merkel

The last-minute agreement seems to have averted divisions, with the party backing a motion pledging to cut migration without placing a cap.

The deal on Monday came before the EU announces a new border


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