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Moving: 1,200 schoolgirls sing for Pollard to come to Israel

Ulpanit Yeshurun launches campaign calling for Pollard to be allowed to make aliyah, which will include letters to officials and ministers.

By Shimon Cohen

At the religious middle school Ulpanit Yeshurun in Petah Tikva, 1,200 young female students sang in honor of Jonathan Pollard, calling for him to be allowed to make aliyah and immigrate to Israel after being freed from 30 years behind bars in the US last month.

The school said that the moving rendition of the song for Pollard is only the start of a campaign by the students calling for Pollard to be allowed to come to Israel, in a call they hope will catch on and be vocally picked up by Israelis nationwide.

The schoolgirls are preparing to send letters asking that the prime minister and governmental ministers demand Pollard’s full release. They also plan to write to US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, asking that he too work to let Pollard go.

Pollard has been hit with draconian parole conditions, including a strict dawn to dusk curfew, and being made to wear a GPS bracelet that will monitor his location at all times – his movements are limited to a small area inside New York City. An initial


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