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NATO Military Buildup on Russia’s Doorstep: Bracing for World War 3?


NATO has considerably increased its military presence in the Baltic countries, Poland and Romania and is actively drawing ever new states into its orbit, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

“In the past year alone NATO has deployed thirteen times more troops, eight times more military aircraft and up to 300 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to the Baltic states, Poland and Romania,” Shoigu told an annual meeting of top Russian military officials in Moscow.

The 28-nation North Atlantic Alliance is actively facilitating the entry of the former Yugoslav republics, Georgia and Ukraine and is drawing Finland, Sweden and Moldavia into its orbit. It has also set up a cybersecurity center in Estonia and a strategic propaganda center in Latvia.In the latest such move, NATO military command redeployed around 70 US tanks to Romania. This is certainly not enough for a blitzkrieg, so what is the reason behind it? Maybe this is just a show of support for the fellow member-state Turkey?

“NATO is the only military organization around which aims to contain Russia, whose forced military buildup in the Middle East will be used by NATO as a justification for its own,” defense analyst Vladislav Shurygin told Zvezda television channel in Moscow.

“It is with this idea in mind that the


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