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SAS sniper kills FIVE ISIS suicide bombers with just THREE bullets


An SAS sniper took out five ISIS jihadis with just three rounds before they were able to launch a sickening suicide bomb attack.

The SAS veteran fired a trio of well-placed bullets from 800 metres away, taking them out as they left a bomb factory near Mosul, an ISIS stronghold in Iraq.

He opened fire after they were seen leaving in heavy coats in hot weather – a sign they were concealing explosive vests.

His first bullet hit a jihadi in the chest, sparking an explosion that killed the terrorist and two Islamic State guards.

The second bomber fell to a headshot, while the third was hit as he tried to get back into the bomb factory.

An Army source told the Express: “This was a classic SAS mission.

“About three weeks ago the intelligence guys got information that a bomb factory had been set up in a nearby village.

“With just three well-aimed shots that single team has probably saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people.”

In August a British sniper saved a man and his


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