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Valerie Jarrett: Imposing More Gun Laws will Make US a “More Perfect Union”


The fact that anyone actually believes that gun control is a solution to criminal actions by individuals with guns is really laughable. Yet, the Marxists are always eager to take advantage of every crisis. This week, Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett attended and spoke at a vigil at Sandy Hook and later tweeted out the “ending gun violence” (aka imposing more gun restrictions) would lead to the united States being a “more perfect union.”

Jarrett, who spoke to those in attendance at St. Marks Episcopal Church on Wednesday, said that Hussein Obama was ready to act with illegal executive orders against the rights of gun owners and in defiance of the Second Amendment’s protections if Congress was unwilling to pass more illegal legislation to restrict guns.

She also said the administration was attempting to encourage states to implement infringements upon the rights of gun owners and impose stricter legislation.

“We must continue to stand together in the face of cynical political failure,” she said.

Jarrett then tweeted out this little bit of nonsense:



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