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ISIS jihadi brags about seizing weapons Israel supplied to Syrian rebels

A jihadi boasted on his Telegram Messenger account about confiscating an assault riffle that he alleged was given to the Free Syrian Army by Israel and taken by the Islamic State in battle:

“A customised AK47 made in Israel. Given to FSA as a gift. Taken by Dawlah (the State) as Ghaneemah (spoils.) Jihad is so fun alhamdulillaah. Go around killing kafirs (non-Muslim) taking their stuff. It’s a dream job, lol.”

Abu Sa-eed Al-Britani, 27, a British Jihadi named Omar Hussain from High Wycombe in the U.K., also known as the “Supermarket Jihadi,” because he used to work in the British supermarket Morrisons, left Europe in January 2014 to go fight in Syria, he wrote about his Jihadi journey.

Al-Britani left Al-Nusra, the Al Qaeda branch in Syria, and details why he had a change of heart in a document read by The Foreign Desk called, “Why I Left Jabhat An-Nusrah.”

The weapon he references in the photo was manufactured by FAB Defense, a weapons supplier based in Israel with 43 global distributors spread over six continents.

FAB Defense states on its


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