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Woman Wanted To See What Will Happen If She Eats Nothing But Bananas for 12 Days.. Here Are The Result

Wow… from one woman to another, bravo Yulia for doing this experiment and reaching amazing results!

There is no question about the healthiness of the banana, but this experiment could resolve even the deepest doubt.

Let’s talk about the results a little bit later.

First, please welcome Yulia Tarabath, a nutritionist and motivational coach.


What’s more, she is a woman and mother like every one of you.

Having troubles to maintain her workflow, diet, being a wife at the same time (sounds familiar?) she decided to try something different.

Testing all the benefits of the banana to the limit she decided to eat nothing but bananas for the next 12 days.

One way of complete detoxification by using a method called mono-fruiting.

So, what was her experiment?

Every nutritionist out there will tell you that eating one food for every meal during the day is not recommended.

It means you won’t be able to get all the other nutrients your body needs.

But, going against everyone and if you are very well prepared, this experiment could have a positive effect.

The positive results happen for this nutritionist, Yulia.

She ate bananas for 12 days.

And do you want to know what’s the best part?

She even made her husband, Paul, do the same.

It was so easy for them to prepare their meals


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