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BREAKING: Burger King Bows Down to SHARIA LAW… We Need To Boycott Them NOW


Burger King is bowing to Allah and has decided to appease Muslims by eliminating one of the greatest foods in history. BACON! How can you have a delicious BACON CHEESEBURGER WITHOUT BACON? Well, you can’t.

That’s right folks, the fast food chain will now be able to feed terrorists without having to worry about being decapitated.

Burger King is going halal in France, aiming for the business of that nation’s estimated 5 million Muslims, according to WND.

The English-language Local report said the U.S. burger chain recently took over 400 Quick chain fast-food restaurants in France and is planning to make about 40 of them totally halal.

This means they will ban all pork and bacon products from their menu and also require that the beef and chicken be certified halal. (slaughtered according to Islamic religious tradition)

The move is part of Burger King’s attempt to compete with McDonald’s  who are the biggest player in the fast food industry across France. McDonald’s has about 1,300 stores.

This is all about the almighty


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