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PHOTOS: Netanyahu Puts the Fear of G-d Into Israel’s Enemies in the Middle East by Unveiling THIS New Epic Weapon

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands all too well what it feels like to be alone, for on his shoulders lies the immense responsibility of protecting the Israeli people from Iran’s ambitions of “erasing Israel from the map.”

Given Iran’s venomous intentions and the West’s insistence on negotiating with this thug nation, it is no wonder that Netanyahu felt compelled to go out of his way and showcase to the world on Monday his nation’s newest weapon — a nuclear-armed submarine.

Known officially as ISS Tanin, which means “Crocodile,” this beast of a vessel reportedly carries nuclear-tipped cruise missiles with a range of about 1,000 miles. It still needs a few weeks to become operational, but once it does, it will be Israel’s fourth and most powerful submarine.


The “Crocodile” will also be tagged as part of Israel’s “second strike” force, which is designed to be activated immediately in retaliation if ever Iran were to fire a nuke at the nation.

Germany is said to be subsidizing the building of several advanced submarines for Israel, perhaps out of a lingering national guilt over the Holocaust. Furthermore, it was revealed that during the first Gulf War, several German firms helped Iraq build missiles aimed at Israel (H/T Western Journalism).



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