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Putin’s HUMILIATING Message To Obama, Location Makes It More Embarrassing

It’s no secret to the world that Russian President Vladimir Putin is no friend, or even fan, of U.S. President B. Hussein Obama. The two have shown obvious disagreement with the Syria situation, in which Hussein Obama continues to arm and train the enemy of Western Civilization, and Putin continues to blow up the terrorists that Hussein Obama arms and trains.

The people of Russia pretty much hate Hussein Obama as well. Three years ago, Hussein Obama enjoyed a 40% approval rating among the Russian people. Today, his approval rating is only 11% among Russians, and it’s rumored that the 11% in favor like Russian Vodka just a bit too much.

Recently, the Russians have coined a phrase for Hussein Obama which translates to “Obama Schmo” which translates from the original Yitish as “Obama Schmuck.” The Russian military recently put this phrase on an airbase they control in Syria, and they made it large enough to be seen by satellite in outer space.



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