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Putin’s HUMILIATING Message To Obama That Can Be Seen From Space


It’s no state secret that Vladimir Putin isn’t particularly fond of Barack Obama. A recent message left for the president, however, demonstrates in no uncertain terms exactly what the former KGB leader thinks of our commander in chief.

A humiliating note painted across the huge Russian military airbase in Syria — when translated — reads “Obama Schmoe” and is even visible from space via satellite. The derogatory term is derived from the Yiddish term “schmuck.”

Apparently, it’s not just Putin who doesn’t care much for Obama. Disdain for the American president is widespread across Russia and its people have great fun at his expense in myriad ways — printing the “Obama schmoe” moniker on flyers as well as bumper stickers. Some creative Ruskies even tricked French Senator Yves Pozzo into holding a white t-shirt with the slogan across it while he was visiting the country last year.

For his part, Obama shouldn’t be surprised by Russian’s distaste for him. According to Pew Research Center poll, his support in the country has been on a drastic decline since 2011 and now hovers steadily between 11 and 15 percent.

The Russian media even keep track of Obama’s great affinity for golf and love to slam him for the amount of time he spends on the course rather than actually governing the US. One Russian magazine blasted him for breaking the record for the number of games played throughout a presidency — noting that he still has a year to go.

“During his presidency, Obama spent more than 1,100 hours on the golf course — or one-and-a-half months without breaks for sleep or food. He played golf 247 times during his presidency, breaking the record of Dwight Eisenhower who did it 210 times.”

While Russian media poke fun at Obama for making faces like “Grumpy Cat” or for the First Lady’s adoration of rap music, they also hit hard when it comes to issues of


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