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Recent archaeological find confirms Talmudic passage of the Jewish presence in a Galilee town recently thought to be pagan

In spite of Talmudic passage saying that the town of Kursia was Jewish, archaeologist had believed it was pagan.


By Raphael Poch

Move over Professor Jacob Neusner and post-modern historians and archaeologists. A group of Israeli archaeologists just proved that yet another piece of the Talmud is historically accurate.

Dr. Haim Cohen, chief archaeologist of the Kursi dig site, which is being excavated by a team from Haifa University’s archaeology department, spoke to Arutz Sheva about his recent finding that proves the historical accuracy of one of the Talmudic passages. According to Cohen, the find provides evidence for the historical accuracy of the claims that the area around the Eastern Kinneret had Jewish settlements during the time period of the Mishna and Talmud.

Cohen said that due to the recent find, they were able to prove that the village which is known in the Talmud as Kursia, can be identified with the modern archaeological site of Kursi. Cohen said that the town likely remained Jewish until the Arab Conquest of Israel in the 7th century.

Util know the leading theories believe that the area around the eastern section of the Kinneret was populated only with Pagan towns.”In the world of archaeology…..


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