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You’ll Be Shocked By Why This Egyptian Family Ties Their 5 Year Old Daughter Up

By Elliot Friedland

Her mother is worried that the girl will become lost and something terrible will happen.

She has had severe behavioral problems ever since she underwent female circumcision, according to her mother. Although five years old now, she cannot speak and cannot eat solid food, requiring liquids or juice.

FGM was performed on her at the age of one and three months, by a male nurse without proper training.

Even since then she has had nervous convulsions and is reported to show signs of excess electricity in the brain.

The epilepsy society describes a phenomenon known as ‘dissociative seizures’ in which the brain blocks out traumatic memories by triggering a seizure.

“An extremely frightening or upsetting experience may be so emotionally difficult for some people to think about that they cannot consciously cope with how this makes them feel” they write on their website.

Dissociative seizures can happen as a cut-off mechanism to stop bad memories from being re-lived. The person splits off (or ‘dissociates’) from their feelings about the experience because it is too difficult to cope with. The


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