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Czech Communist MPs defended the labeling decision

Daniel Greenfield


During the Holocaust, the Czechs had the best record of the region. After the war, they were the only people who honored Jewish Holocaust survivors, at a time when they were being massacred even after the Nazis left in other countries. Now the Czechs have once again done the right thing, uniquely in a rotten and corrupt European Union pandering to Muslim hatred of Jews.

The Czech parliament passed a resolution on Thursday urging their government not to implement a European Union decision to label Israeli products exported from the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Czech leaders denounced the EU resolution, with Czech media reports quoting Culture Minister Daniel Herman as saying in the parliamentary debate it was “absolutely necessary to reject the efforts to discriminate against the only democracy in the Middle East.”

The measure against the EU measure passed by an overwhelming majority.

Frantisek Laudat, a Czech lawmaker, said the decision “may evoke awkward reminiscence of marking Jewish people during World War II.”

“If the state of Israel fell, Europe would finally fall as well,” said Marek Benda of the Civic Democrats said, who also called the requirement a contemporary display of anti-Semitism, the agency said.

Czech Communist MPs defended the labeling decision.

You know it’s bad when the only people who will defend your terrible anti-Israel policy are the Communists.

Milos Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic, gave a great speech last year.

“The only holiday of independence which I can never leave out is the celebration of the independence of the Jewish State of Israel,” Zeman said.

“There are other nations with whom we share the same values, whether it’s free elections or a free market economy, but no one is threatening to delete those states from the map. No one shoots at their border towns and no one wants to see the citizens of those nations driven out of their country.”

“There is a term called political correctness and I consider it to be a euphemism for political cowardice. So I refuse to be cowardly.”

“It is necessary to name the enemy of human civilization and this enemy is international terrorism associated with religious fundamentalism and religious intolerance. This fanatical creed does not only attack a single nation, as we saw after September 11. Muslim fanatics in Nigeria recently captured 200 young Christian girls. And in the flower at the heart of Europe, an abominable killing took place at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.”

“I am not reassured by the claims that this is the work of only a small fringe group. Quite the contrary. I believe that xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism stems from the essential ideology that these fanatical groups are based on.”

“And let me provide a proof of this assertion in a quote from one of its sacred texts. ‘The Jews will hide behind stones and trees. Then the tree will call out, ‘A Jew hides behind me, come and kill him.’ The stone will call out, ‘A Jew hides behind me, come and kill him.’

Hungary, which has also been standing up to Islam terrorism, stood up to EU pandering to Islamic terrorists by rejecting the boycott.

The Czech vote comes after Hungary, on Monday, flat-out rejected implementation of the labels. Hungary’s foreign minister, Peter


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