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Police Begin Searching “Refugees” Phones, Find HUNDREDS With This Same Horrifying Content


Immigration officials in Norway recently discovered execution videos, as well as images of Islamic State group flags, severed heads and even dead children on the cellphones of hundreds of incoming refugees.

Erik Haugland, the head of Norway’s asylum program, told Norwegian online newspaper Nettavisen last week that the presence of these videos and photos suggests that many of the refugees either support the Islamic State group or are directly affiliated with it.

It would certainly make sense, given that according to a poll conducted last month, 13 percent of Syrian refugees view the twisted terrorist group favorably.

According to Haugland, however, the refugees may have had the content on their phones for other reasons — possibly evidence of their own experiences, or as a ruse to allow them to get through terrorist-held territory by pretending to sympathize with them.

One can be a witness and have a desire to show what you’ve seen, or you may have been tactical and have symbols associated with organizations that control areas (refugees are) passing through,” he explained.

Regardless, however gruesome this discovery appears to be, it still pales in comparison to finding Syrian refugees equipped with actual weapons.

Just a few days ago, for instance, Swiss officials reportedly caught several Syrians attempting to transport “explosive and toxic gases.” Instead of


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