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CIVIL WAR IN SWEDEN: Another muslim ‘refugee’ center goes up in flames in Sweden, as local citizens have truly had enough

Swedish patriots have burned down yet another planned invader center, this time in Skåne Ekeby near Bjuv, in the south of the country.


According to a police spokesman, the set of buildings has been utterly destroyed and can no longer be used to house invaders, who had been set to move in January 2016.

Access to the building was apparently obtained through some windows, according to a report in the Expressennewspaper.

“The entire complex is wrecked,” Christer Nilsson, site manager at the emergency services in Bjuv, told theExpressen. “The buildings were about to be fitted out for use in January, but now this will not be possible,” he added.

The alarm was raised shortly after 5 a.m. at the set of sixteen barracks. At least one building had been completely engulfed in flames by the time the emergency services arrived, and several others had fires in them as well.  The entire complex suffered “substantial” damage, Hans Nilsson, police duty officer said.

“When we got to the place, we found that large parts were on fire, and that the entire row of barracks was filled with smoke,” Nilsson added.

“Since the barracks are one long room without defined dividing walls, the entire building site has been effectively destroyed. It will have to be rebuilt completely if anyone is to stay here,” he said.

Three fire brigades and more than twenty firefighters


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