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French Court Rules That French People Are Not Native To France (But Muslims Could Be)

In another episode of suicidal thinking, a French Criminal Court has ruled that there is no such a concept as a “Native” Frenchman and therefore their culture, heritage, and history are exempt from protection under the law.


Muslim Sociologist Said Bouamama. Note the style of scarf draped around his neck (snapshot from his French-language video, Advice to New Activists)

The court case began as an anti-discrimination lawsuit filed by the General Alliance against Racism and for the Respect of French and Christian Identity following the publishing of a book entitled F*ck France (which you can see a copy of here of Amazon France) by Muslim sociologist Said Bouamama  and rapper Saidou (known as Z.E.P.). Among the claims made were that under French law, this book propagated racism and discrimination against native white French persons. There was also a video with same title made by the same rapper, which you can view below from Youtube:


The Agence France-Presse originally had an article about this but has henceforth deleted it from their website. Fortunately, the report is still available (translation courtesy of Google Translate). Via Le Figaro:

The rapper Saïdou and sociologist Said Bouamama were prosecuted for “public insult racially motivated” by the General Alliance against Racism and for the Respect of the French and Christian Identity (Agrif), which intends to fight against the “anti-French racism” . In its decision, the court held that the concept of “native French called white” no results “group of persons” under the law, according to the decision by the AFP had access.

In its decision, the court resumes Me Braun reasoning and believes that this concept, “for it may seem commonplace,” “does not cover any legal reality, historical, biological and sociological,” and “the” whiteness “or the “white race” “is” in no way a legal component of the quality of French. He concluded that “the French called white strain is not a” group of persons “” under the 1881 Act on freedom of the press, which governs freedom of expression. An “unbelievable decision” for


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