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Muslims Systematically Take Mentally And Physically Handicapped People And Horrifically Torture Them And Butcher Them

By Theodore Shoebat


Muslims in Iraq — all members of ISIS — are now systemically massacring the mentally and physically handicap, and also torturing them. They do this because they are of Satan, and Satan hates humanity. I did a whole video on this:

According to the report:

The Islamic State’s limitless brutality is known far and wide, with thousands of survivors reporting cases of mass murders, rape and the sexual enslavement of women and children. Now new reports reveal that the radical movement has reached a new low — targeting disabled people.

Refugee survivors narrowly escaping the clutches of Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria have reported that the fighters often kill and torture special needs civilians when they capture them.

Twenty-seven-year-old Summer Khaleel Khaleel, a Syrian refugee from the town of Al Hasakah, told of her escape to The Christian Post after she fled her village when IS fighters took control. “We heard of many cases of the fighters abusing and killing disabled people, so I fled with my family and my disabled husband as soon as we could find an exit out of the country.”

Her husband Salim is not able to speak, is confined to a wheelchair and needs diapers. “It was so hard for me to see him laying down in the car for three hours. … I had to remind myself when he needed to go to the bathroom or if he needed water. The biggest challenge was at the border crossing, they did not grant us the entry


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