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URGENT: Here’s Who Obama Hosted at White House While You Weren’t Looking… THIS IS WAR


Obama scheduled a secret meeting at the White House to discuss ways to fight religious discrimination- for MUSLIMS!

You would think that Obama would hold a meeting to discuss ways to fight back against RADICAL ISLAMIST JIHADS MURDERING AMERICANS but NO- he cares about the feelings of Muslims more than he does the safety of the American citizens. Unbelievable…

The Muslim terrorist group CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations was invited  to the meeting even though they have direct ties to Islamic extremists in the Middle East that have been well-documented by the FBI and other government agencies, WND reports.

Obama didn’t invite any ‘moderate’ Muslim groups, like the Muslim Reform Movement, to the discussion on discrimination. He met with CAIR instead, which incidentally back in 2008 the FBI prohibited any outreach to as they had direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But Obama doesn’t give a crap. He LOVES the Muslim Brotherhood. Hell, we have dozens of their members in high


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