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ISIS, Turkey and Russia in Syria: the End of Days?


Today we’re commenting three headlines published last week:
1. The ISIS bombs hidden inside dolls and toys to kill children: Iraqi military reveal IEDs placed in toys by Islamists (Daily Mail)
2. Turkey has been buying ISIS oil (Defence Blog)
3. Russian airplane downed in Syria (BBC)
The first headline led us to link the method now employed by ISIS to that used by the Fedayeen. The second reveals how Turkey finances ISIS to implement its plan of ousting Bashar al-Assad. And the third one may be linked to the second.

ISIS bombs Fedayeen Style
Booby-trapping dolls is not a new terrorist method. The Palestinian Fedayeen were probably the first ones to use them against Israeli children (by leaving them in playgrounds and bus stations hoping to allure kids close enough to blow them up); and now we hear that ISIS is using exactly the same method, in Iraq, to kill children.

What is interesting about using the same method is that, once again, it suggests a link between ISIS and Palestinian groups. Sources have told us that the PLO may be sharing its network of operatives with ISIS – having the Palestinian organisation most likely been involved in the recent Paris Attacks (where some of the methods and materials used to make the explosive vests reveal techniques previously employed by the PLO and Hamas).

The West would do well to follow the Palestinian trail, as their diplomatic missions could be serving as a network that supports the Global Jihad effort – we draw your attention to the 2014 incident, in Czech Republic, when a cache of 12 weapons was found at the Palestinian embassy; who were the prospective recipients of those weapons? The shoddy explanation given by the PLO raises even more red flags.
We must also be very careful about these links because the Palestinians have been training and using children to carry out terrorist attacks in Israel (a clear proving ground for terror tactics against the West; since every terror attack in the West is preceded by an escalation of terrorism in Israel) and if ISIS is following their methods (and receiving training from their network [that may include old ETA and IRA contacts]), we should brace ourselves for a scenario of terrorist attacks being carried out by children in Western countries.

Turkey and ISIS oil
Turkey has been buying oil from Daesh. This is not new either, however this piece of information circulated around the web a day before Turkey downed a Russian


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