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Islamic State planning to use BIRDS as SUICIDE BOMBERS in horror plot to blow up jets

ISLAMIC State militants are planning to strap lightweight bombs to birds trained to fly at fighter jets before they explode, according to reports.

A supporter of the evil terror group – which is also known as Daesh – has posted detailed plans online that could allegedly be used to blow up a warplane.

The jihadi claims a Urea bomb could be strapped to a bird and triggered remotely to cause maximum devastation.

“This is why we have to put in effort and find solutions. An idea came to my mind and I am asking to pass it to the relevant Mujaheddin in the Islamic State.”

But jihadis have struggled to find a bird big enough to carry a bomb and could now be planning to break into zoos across Syria and Iraq to steal vultures, according to the document.

The bizarre plot bears an uncanny resemblance to a scene in 2010 hit comedy film Four Lions where a haphazard British jihadi attempts to train a crow to carry a bomb.

And earlier this year it was reported that ISIS militants were strapping bomb vests to chickens in an effort to blow up enemy strongholds.

Experts said the crude devices revealed that the evil group was dealing with supply issues.

They are said to be running low on ammunition as forces target delivery lines leading to Syria and Iraq.

Fighters are now resorting to making their own bombs and mortar shells using gas canisters and fertiliser smuggled over the border


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