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Putin: Russia Will Improve Nuclear Weapons as Deterrence, Security Factor


Russia considers the improvement of its nuclear weapons as a deterrence and security factor, President Vladimir Putin said in a documentary aired Sunday.

The US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe pose a greater threat to Russia than Russia’s do to the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a documentary aired on Rossiya-1 television channel.

“The United States has stationed its nuclear weapons in Europe ever since the end of WWII, after it had become a nuclear power. Right now the Americans are simply updating their nukes there.”

“This is a dangerous thing of course. Why? Because  our tactical weapons do not reach US territory, while the American nukes in Europe can reach ours, which makes them strategic and poses a greater risk to us than our strategic missiles pose to America,” Putin added.

“The nuclear triad is the bedrock of our nuclear security policy, but we never have and never will brandish this nuclear stick at anyone, even though it is an important


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