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Arabs are mocking Putin for letting Israel kill a Hezbollah leader in territory they are controlling…but Israel is just THAT GOOD, read why


The assassination of arch-terrorist and Hezbollah official Samir Kuntar early Sunday morning in Syria was not the settling of an old score, but rather a preventive measure against current activity, as well as a message to Russia, Mideast and Russia expert Zvi Magen told The Algemeiner on Sunday evening.

Magen, a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, was referring to a Hezbollah announcement early Sunday that “Zionist enemy planes” had struck a building in the Jaramana district of Damascus, killing Kuntar and several civilians.

Because no official governmental or military source in Israel has confirmed or denied the attack, the Hebrew press is basing its coverage and commentary on “foreign media” reports. Magen, too, in his interview with The Algemeiner, prefaced each of his replies with “according to foreign reports.”

One of these involved the technical aspects of the operation, which Israeli news websitenrg suggested may not have been carried out by the Israel Air Force (IAF), but rather by advanced, long-range ground-to-ground missiles at Israel’s disposal on the Golan Heights, eliminating the risk of downed planes or pilots.

Another related to social media posts in Arabic — reported on by Israeli news outlets — mocking Russia for its inability to prevent the alleged Israeli strike on Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy organization that supports the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad — who is also backed by Russia — against rebel forces in the current civil war.

Magen, who has served as Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine and Russia, responded to the above claims and complaints with a mixture of gravity and bemusement.

“I don’t know which method was used,” he said. “But there are four basic options: an IAF strike, which is not even that risky, considering the proximity; a drone strike; ground-to-ground missiles; or a special forces unit on the ground [inside Syria].”

He continued:

Sometimes armies purposely show off their technological advancements and intelligence-gathering skills for deterrence purposes – which makes certain operations more strategic than technical – and to show determination in the face of the enemy.

In the case of Syria, there are elements at work trying to establish themselves in the power arena – the Syrian government, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. And Iran is angry with Russia for this very reason.

Israel is engaging in tactical cooperation with Russia, to coordinate certain kinds of actions, as a way of preventing unintentional military mishaps. But Israel most certainly would not inform Russia of targets it intends to hit. And Israel certainly would make clear to Russia that it has its own interests that it will not relinquish. Its message to Russia is, ‘If we want to hit a target, nobody can or will


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