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ENEMIES OF ISRAEL BEWARE: IDF’s state of the art ‘Magic Wand’ missile defense system passes final tests, will be fully operational in 2016

Mid-range defense system against rockets to be fully operational in 2016.

By Koby Finkler


The Defense Ministry’s Homa unit and the US Agency for Missile Defense (MDA) successfully completed a series of tests on the Magic Wand (David’s Sling) missile defense system Monday morning.

The Magic Wand, which has also been called David’s Sling, is believed to be primarily intended against the threat of missile attack by Hezbollah, which is thought to have at least 100,000 missiles.

The success of the experiment is the last milestone in the development of the system, prior to its deployment as part of the Israeli Air Force (IAF), and will now be operational as soon as 2016.

David’s Sling is designed to fill the gap between the longer-range Arrow missile defense system and the shorter-range Iron Dome interceptor. It was developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and US company Raytheon. The system’s MMR radar was developed by Elta, a subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industries. The command and control system, Shaked


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