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Knockout at the Kasbah! Veiled woman hits back when a pervert pinches her bottom at a Moroccan market sending him flying and leaving him unconscious for two hours

  •  Hilarious footage shows the moment pervert gets his comeuppance
  • Man pinches veiled woman on the bottom in Inezgane, Morocco 
  • Moroccan woman furiously reacts and hurls the man into the market stand 
  • The pervert is left crumpled on the ground and unconscious for two hours

This is the hilarious moment a pervert got his comeuppance after he pinched a large woman on the bottom and was sent flying into a market stand in retaliation.

The sex pest victim was covered up from head to toe in an olive coloured veil when she suddenly felt a sharp pinch to her bottom as she bent down near a motorbike.

The middle-aged man is sent crashing into the nearby shopping stand by the furious woman in Inezgane near Agadir.


In one swift moment, the shocked woman turns round and lashes out with all her force at the vile pervert, sending him flying.

Captured on CCTV, the woman’s impressive right hook leaves the man on the ground as he collides with a nearby market stall.

Just to make sure he has got the message, the large lady gives the man an angry lecture for good measure so bystanders knew what he had done.

It initially looked as if the mystery bottom pincher had made a conscious decision to stay down and not risk a second whack by getting up.



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