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PERSIAN PLUMMET: Iran Exposed as Paper tiger in Syria…all bark and no bite


By Thomas Wictor

In July of this year, I became convinced that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—the Iranian nuclear deal—was an international deception operation intended to give the Arab League and Israel a casus belli for overthrowing the mullahs. Well, I was right. The war is on, and the Israelis have announced that Iran is a paper tiger. The Persian adventure in Syria has failed.

Israelis are cagey, which is smart. The withdrawal of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is only part of the story. What happened is that Iran completely took over the fight in Syria.

The war in Syria is now essentially an Iranian regime war – not a proxy one but in the most direct sense of the word. The Syrian rebels are mainly fighting the Iranian regime, represented by Sepah Pasdaran [the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps] and Basij and their foot soldiers, Hezbollah Lebanon and the Iraqi militias.

Syria (or the areas under regime control) is effectively a country occupied by Sepah Pasdaran. Bashar al-Assad is a just puppet who is no longer in charge, and his regime is just a facade. His real masters are the head of Sepah Pasdaran’s operations in Syria Hossein Hamedani and the head of Sepah Qods[Quds Force] Qassim Soleimani.

Both are the de facto military rulers of Syria. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei has the final say in all important matters in Syria, just like in Iran.

Our readers may remember what Gen. Qassem Soleimani promised in his (mock) Syria election programme in June 2014:

“I will dismantle the Syrian army and replace it with a much better organised and fully loyal force, the Syrian Sepah Pasdaran. The Syrian army cannot be trusted with major battles, as we’ve seen since the start of the troubles in Syria in March 2011.

“We have already established in Syria the ‘National Defence Forces’, modeled on the Iranian Basij, and they have done a great job. A Syrian Sepah Pasdaran will be a culmination of these efforts to guarantee security for all Syrians.

“Like in Iran, Syria’s Sepah Pasdaran will have the final say. Power should be in the hands of strong military generals who know how to rule, not weak civilian presidents and ministers.”

So: To fight the war in Syria the Iranians first sent the Quds Force, which had traditionally been solely responsible for extra-territorial military activity. Then



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