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SHOCK AND HORROR: Wedding guest in Iraq is shot dead when man loses control of gun

  • Footage taken in Iraq shows a wedding guest shooting a weapon in the air
  • But the gun angles downwards and man in front of him falls to the ground
  • Horrified guests can be heard screaming out in panic seconds afterwards

This was the horrific moment a wedding guest was shot dead at point-blank range when a man lost control of his Kalashnikov while firing it in the air to celebrate.

Footage taken in Iraq shows a man shooting his weapon in to the air while crowds cheer and clap during the ceremony.

But seconds later he appears to lose control of the gun, shooting a man standing inches in front of him in the back of the head.



The horrified crowd can be heard screaming in panic after the unidentified victim fell to the floor. The scene is then obscured after the person with the camera abandons their filming.

But his gun, which had been pointing to the


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