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UN: Those who reject Syrian refugees are allies of extremists


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UNITES STATES – People who reject Syrian refugees are the “best allies” of Islamic State militants and other extremists, the United Nations refugee chief said on Monday after US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed an entry ban on foreign Muslims.

More than 4.3 million Syrians have fled a nearly five-year civil war. UN High Commissioner for refugees Antonio Guterres told the Security Council they cannot be blamed for the terror they are risking their lives to escape.

“Those that reject Syrian refugees, and especially if they are Muslim, are the best allies of the propaganda and the recruitment of extremist groups,” Guterres said in a swipe at Trump and some US state governors and European leaders.

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Saturday that Islamic State is usingTrump’s rhetoric to enlist fighters to radical jihad. Trump rejected her claim and called her a “liar.”

Amid the chaos of Syria’s war, Islamic State has seized swathes of territory and proclaimed a caliphate. The group claimed responsibility for the deadly November 13 attacks in Paris and also said a married couple who carried out a mass shooting in Southern California on December 2 were its followers.

The attacks sparked warnings from politicians in Europe and North America that countries could face big risks by admitting refugees



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