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Anonymous launches cyber attack on Turkey after accusing it of supporting ISIS by buying oil from them and treating their wounded in hospital

  • Anonymous hacking collective launch cyber attack against Turkey 
  • Hacktivists accuse Turkey and President Erdogan of supporting ISIS 
  • Released video statement warning Turkey to stop of ‘war’ will continue 
  • Threatened servers of airports, banks, military and government facilities

Hacking group Anonymous has launched a massive cyber attack on Turkey, accusing the country’s leaders of supporting ISIS.

The global ‘hacktivist’ collective has threatened to sabotage servers of Turkey’s airports, banks, military services and government facilities unless they stop aiding ISIS.

Last week, Anonymous brought down up to 40,000 websites across Turkey by attacking the country’s ‘root servers’.


‘If you don’t stop supporting ISIS, we will continue attacking your internet, your root DNS, your banks and take your government sites down.

After the root DNS we will start to hit your airports, military assets and private state connections. We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure.

Stop this insanity now Turkey. Your fate is in your own hands,’



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