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First Muslim Ruled City Council Forces SHARIA LAW on American Citizens



Recently, it made the news that the City Council of Hamtramck, Michigan is now 100% Islamic. The old guard have left the building, so to speak. Those that remain must be quaking and bracing for what is coming. When elected members of council shrieked about how the city would come to know the control of Islam, others decried that man’s incendiary speech.

Was the condemnation of the power-hungry Islamist City Councilman just for show? That will be left up to you, the reader, to decide. In an effort to help you come to your decision let us enlighten you to some New World Order in the sleepy little burg of Hamtramck.

The Council’s first order of business was to construct an “Islamic center,” code word for mosque, large enough to accommodate 2,000 worshippers. The Islamic call to prayer, the “adhan,” is being broadcast across the neighborhoods, via the Islamic Centers bull-horn like speakers, starting at 6am.

Are you an owner of a liquor store, a restaurant, bar, convenience store, or grocery store within 500-feet of a mosque? Well, then, you


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