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Islamic terrorists planned to seal off jam packed Los Angeles highway with pipe bombs and slaughter thousands

ByPamela Geller


Though some in law enforcement are concerned about the potential for an attack, other terror experts downplayed the risk.

“It has not been in the jihadists’ playbook,” said Brian Jenkins, a senior adviser at Rand Corp. and a top official with Mineta Transportation Institute.

Therein lies the problem. Jihadists are not going to repeat the same attacks in the same way. There strategy is not to do that. The idea that this is not a threat because they haven’t done it before is beyond stupid. And if this is the thinking we can expect from intel agencies, we are doomed.

“Alleged freeway terror plot raises new worries in Southern California,”, December 22, 2015

The alleged terror plot that called for an all-out assault on a southern California freeway by using pipe bombs to seal off bumper-to-bumper traffic has authorities in the state considering the viability of such an attack.

The alleged plot was revealed last week when the FBI unsealed an affidavit that included a close-up look on the plans that allegedly involved the San Bernardino terrorist and his friend.

The Los Angeles Times reported that court records said Syed Rizwan Farook and his friend Enrique Marquez Jr. laid out detailed plans of how to attack the freeway by using explosives and weapons back in 2011 and 2012. The alleged plot — that would take place during the afternoon rush hour — was aborted at some point, the paper said.

But these revelations have officials considering the viability of such an attack, with one law enforcement officer telling the paper the scenario is a “nightmare that we worry about.”

The alleged plot was not that sophisticated. They would treat drivers stuck in traffic on the freeway like sitting ducks after lobbing pipe bombs to halt any traffic flow. At that point, law enforcement would have difficulty accessing the scene


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