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THEY SH*T ON GERMANS: Police commissioner in Germany speaks out against refugees, “they live in parallel societies where rules don’t apply’

“Whoever tells the truth in these matters is quickly labelled as a Nazi.”


Germany’s obsession with multiculturalism and ultra-liberal immigration policy has landed the country in hot water on more than one occasion. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel has publicly declared that multiculturalism is a “lie” and that the country’s best efforts to integrate its Muslim immigrants has utterly “failed.”

Echoing this long overdue epiphany, Germany’s high profile police commissioner has spoken out harshly over the her country’s migrant population, which she asserts harasses her officers and proudly announce it will “sh*t on Germany.” What’s more, the commissioner explains that anyone who speaks out against the migrants are labeled a “Nazi.”

Breitbart London reports:

Despite being of a migrant background herself, commissioner Tania Kambouri has not been shy in her criticism of the failures of the integration process in Germany which is making life difficult for police, as they are harassed and even ganged up on by migrant men.

Speaking in an interview with Stuttgarter Zeitung, Mrs. Kambouri said the German state was not taking the problem seriously enough, and said the police were under threat. While identifying “young Muslim men” as the main problem she and her colleagues faced, she did qualify herself, remarking: “They are, as far as I can see, men from Muslim countries. But whether they are practising Muslims or not, I can not tell”.

Responding to a recent report by the Federal Criminal Police Office which showed migrants committed absolutely no more crime on average than the rest of the population, Mrs. Kambouri was straight in her dismissal of the figures as fabricated. She said: “My service experience and that of my colleagues shows a different story. I would imagine something had been falsified or glossed over so not to stir fear in the population”.

“The numbers of criminal acts by refugees are politically undesirable. I think many of the officials are kept in control in leading positions of policy, or at least influenced [from above]. Whoever tells the truth in these matters is quickly labelled as a Nazi… I can only say, my colleagues and I go every day on the street. We know what happens there.”

Despite the fact many perpetrators are of Muslim foreign origin but born in Germany, they show a remarkable lack of respect for their nation and the state institutions associated with it. Mrs. Kambouri said of these young Muslim men: “They do not identify themselves with the German state — even if they were born in Germany or have long lived here.

“Some openly say ‘sh*t on Germany’. They


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