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10 ISIS terrorists are beheaded by their own for treason after they were caught fleeing the mighty Kurds

  • At least ten ISIS fighters beheaded in Mosul, Iraq for ‘high treason’
  • The militants had reportedly abandoned their posts on the Kurdish front
  • Six were reported as Syrian nationals, the others ‘Western jihadi fighters’ 

At least ten ISIS fighters have been beheaded by the terrorist group have been beheaded after abandoning their posts during battle against Kurdish fighters in Iraq, local media reports.

The jihadists, four of whom were ‘Western fighters’, had been convicted of high treason in the city of Mosul – ISIS’s stronghold in Iraq – and were beheaded in a public square on Sunday.

The fighters had reportedly evacuated their post at the battlefront without permission during clashes with Kurdish Peshmerga forces.


‘The militants were found guilty for evacuating a post at the battlefront, where clashes took place between them and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces,’media activist Abdullah al-Mallah told ARA News.

‘The Sharia Court of Mosul decided to behead them in front of hundreds of ISIS members in order to prevent others from taking such a move without the permission of their military leadership.’

Six of the executed men had been Syrian nationals, while the others were reported as ‘Western jihadi fighters’.

Earlier this month, Kurdish Peshmerga revealed that ISIS fighters flee when they see some of their troops – because they are women.

The terrorist soldiers believe being killed by a woman will prevent them from going to heaven, according to all-female Kurdish frontline troops.



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