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Born a girl, the 11-year-old who will start sixth grade as a boy: Australian child will begin hormone therapy after identifying as a boy since age three – and psychologists recommended the change

  • Savvy Klee from the Gold Coast has identified as a boy since he was three
  • The 11-year-old will begin testosterone treatment and start school as a boy
  • He refused to wear dresses and always gravitated towards masculine toys
  • Psychologists later confirmed Savvy had Gender Identity Disorder 

An 11-year-old child who was born a girl will officially return to his Gold Coast school next year as a boy after making the brave decision to begin testosterone treatment as part of the transition to change genders.

Savvy Klee, who was born Savarnni, has identified as a boy from the age of three.

His mother Katherine Martin initially thought her daughter was just a tomboy because he refused to wear dresses and always gravitated towards masculine toys, but she quickly realised it wasn’t just a phase.


‘When he was three, we would go to parties and I would have girly dresses out and it would become a nightmare trying to get him to wear them,’ Ms Martin told Daily Mail Australia.

‘When his brother was born that was when Savvy really changed and it became apparent that he identifies as a boy. He would get upset and yell ‘Why was Preston born a boy? Why does God hate me? I want to have all the boy bits too’.

‘I didn’t know anyone who was transgender back then. I just thought maybe he was a tomboy. It was really new to me but I knew something was going on.’

Psychologists later confirmed Savvy had Gender Identity Disorder and suggested he should change his gender.

‘The psychologist said from the first session he needed to change gender. That was fantastic for me to hear because I knew I was making the right decision,’ Ms Martin said.

‘I think when it became apparent that it wasn’t a phase, I used to describe it to people as losing my daughter.

‘Then I worked as a funeral director and I saw people who have really lost their children. I thought how selfish of me to compare my child changing gender to losing a child.

‘Savvy hasn’t really changed because he has always been like this. The decision was really easy to adapt to because everybody knows him like this and I have always made sure he can express himself and be who he is.’

Ms Martin said they speak about Savvy being transgender on a daily basis after initially going through options available to the 11-year-old.

‘I tried to find stories of transgender people to show him and once he saw the transformations he got excited and it became real for him,’ Ms



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